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Gagarin Studio is a client-focused, RIBA chartered practice with projects across the North of England. We're a team of experienced architects and designers with a growing reputation for thoughtful, high-quality placemaking across a variety of scales and sectors.

10 Hapless fans of music

We often use music as a reference point or analogy to our design process. Our favourite music embodies a bit of who we are and mirrors how we work. Whether its being creative within constraints – ‘Voodoo Ray’ was a great tune built around a sample clipped to a few seconds due to the limited memory of the early sampler – Morrissey and Marr set their own stylistic constraints by eliminating what they didn’t want to be and then worked in the space remaining to create a sound which was wholly new. Or how music can capture the essence and context of a place without being overt – Sonic Youth could only be from New York and Jarvis Cocker is imbued with a permanent whiff of Sheffield. We could go on for hours…