Gagarin Studio received planning approval for a ’country house clause’ home on moorland fringes in the South Pennines.  The practice utilised Paragraph 79 of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), a clause that allows exemplary new-build homes to be constructed in open countryside under special circumstances. The design continues a long established tradition of building Yeomen Clothiers houses in farmland in Calderdale; a house type that has inspired many of the later Arts & Crafts houses nationally. Our proposal re-envisages this ‘Halifax House’ vernacular for the 21st Century, with a modern, zero-carbon dwelling that can endure in the South Pennine climate. The […]


We recently headed out of studio to photograph our new footbridge  at Leeds’ Climate Innovation District. We hope the new pedestrian bridge will bring better connectivity to this area of the city but also joy and delight to pedestrians, cyclists, walkers and boat-users who cross over or under it. For further info and pics see our page: Leeds Footbridge Photographs by Andrew Wall